real time network simulation & analysis for vehicle multiplex networks  
Netway Product

Netway Product is designed to monitor and control all multiplex network protocols utilized in the automotive industry. Netway device can be connected to a PC Netway Application via USB, Serial, or Ethernet LAN interface. When connected to a PC, the Netway device can be configured with an Emulation program, which can be stored in the device memory to enable it for real-time processing per emulation in stand-alone mode.

Typical real-time tasks performed in stand-alone mode:
  1. Message monitoring, analysis, processing, data logging, etc.
  2. Rest of vehicle node simulation
  3. Gateway between protocols
  4. End Of Line testing
Other features:
  1. SD Card 8/16/32/64 GB card. File operations controlled by the emulation
  2. PC Interface Mini USB, a built-in serial bridge for firmware update
  3. Network Connector 44-pin HDB connector for power, networks, and I/O signals
  4. Support up to 32 IO (Input/Output) signals. Each signal can be processed as analog or digital, and some of them as PWM
  5. Dimensions 5.25" x 4.25" x 1.25" (aluminum enclosure)
  6. Netway desktop application. Compatible with Windows 7 and later (32 or 64-bit OS)
  7. CommonNetway.dll Type Library for custom control development (MS Studio 19)
  8. RTC on board, configurable power-down, power-up from CAN activities
  9. Stand-alone operations based on Emulation program created and downloaded by Netway application

  Netway Hardware Base details:

Product SKU Code Base Price Important Note   Configure and Submit RFQ ...
Netway 92 NW92 $1800.00

  1. Power: 7.5 ~ 40V External power. Otherwise works from USB power
  2. Inputs: Analog/Digital/PWM
    • Including 32 Digital Signals with ‘1’ - above 3V, ‘0’ - below 3V
    • Including 32 Analog Signals with 0 ~ 16.8V range, 12-bit resolution
    • Including 4 PWM Input Signals
    • Including 4 Input SENT/SPC (J2716) Signals
  3. Outputs: Digital/Analog/PWM
    • Including 32 Digital Signals: Open Drain, Active Low 50V/500mA
    • Including 10 PWM Outputs with 0 ~ 65535 Hz/0 ~ 99% Duty Cycle
    • Including 8 Analog Outputs with 0 ~ 5V range
    • Including 4 Output SENT/SPC (J2716) signals

Netway is a multi-channel device and can be configured to handle up to eight CAN FD channels, up to eight UBP channels, up to three Flexray channels, and up to two SPI / I2C / J1850 independent channels.

Typical Netway device configuration includes 2 CAN FD channels, 2 UBP channels, Ethernet LAN channel, and 32 I/O signals cost is $2,600.00.

A list of multiplex networks/protocols includes but is not limited to:
  1. High-Speed Dual-Wire CAN FD / CAN
  2. Flexray
  3. All Uart Based Protocols (UBP): LIN, KWP2000, ISO-9141, J1708, etc.
  4. SPI/I2C/J1850-VPW/PWM
  5. Common Industry Protocols: J1939, J1708, J1587, J2617 (SENT/ SPC), etc.
  6. Ethernet LAN
Network protocols:
  1. CAN channels: Including two CAN FD channels (Cost $200)
    • Additional three daughter boards with double CAN channels are available (Cost $400 per DB)
    • Transceiver: CAN FD high-speed
  2. UART channels two UART channels (Cost $400)
    • Additional three daughter boards with double UART channels are available (Cost $400 per DB)
    • Transceivers LIN (KLINE) / RS485 (alternative RS232 option)
  3. Additional two SPI/IIC/J1850 daughter boards are available (Cost $200 per DB)
  4. Additional three Flexray independent channel daughter boards are available (Cost $400 per DB)
  5. LAN communication TCP/IP DHCP (Cost $200)

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'Netway' Application Screenshot

Important Note   Note:

In case you are looking for availability of the Obsolete Netway hardware to replace existing but damaged devices or need to support existing project setup in limited quantity, please refer to the
Obsolete Netway Devices
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Important Notes

Important Note   Note:

Netway Hardware Base price includes the main board, I/O system & Netway API but does not include any network protocols.